lugares para ir a conocer gente lobalization, regulatory changes, outcomes-based healthcare, big data utilization and industry consolidationThese are a few of the contemporary forces that make leadership roles within the life sciences both challenging and fascinating. Top talent is able to manage these varied influences to ensure companies remain competitive within their market-places.


follow link At Sinclair Fox, we are dedicated to supporting our clients across the life sciences and healthcare industries. We are experienced in conducting searches for board members, CEOs and other C-suite executives. We are also skilled in sourcing and developing candidates for more complex and strategic industry roles, ranging from executives in research and development to regulators of clinical affairs. To find our talent, we draw upon a unique network of trusted sources to identify and attract individuals who may not surface during a traditional assessment of the candidate pool. We provide our clients access to a rich and exclusive pool of industry leading specialists.


Dr Emilia Francesca

Date: follow link 31-12-2016
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Our Focus

We combine unrestricted access to top talent with our sector-specific experience, knowledge and expertise. The success of this combination has enabled us to productively partner with a variety of top organisations within the life sciences.

Our excellent market reputation is based on quality, tenacity, professionalism and results. Each of our searches are subject to a quality audit to help us refine and develop our methods. Results from these audits currently confirm that:

  • 91% of our clients say that the leader we placed is an outstanding fit within the organization;
  • 93% would use us again; and
  • 94% would recommend us to another client.

We are constantly re-designing and upgrading our search process to deliver the optimal outcome to our clients.

Key aspects for achieving our results include:

Our unparalleled network: While protecting our clients with reasonable off-limits restrictions, no life sciences organization is globally off-limits to us. As briefly mentioned above, this allows us to present candidates to clients that other search firms often cannot approach,

Specific liaison: The lead consultant will be the single most important client contact. This person will be the go-to for all aspects of the search assignment and will stay with the assignment until successfully completed. This longevity and stability allows us to build a relationship with the client and fully understand what talent they require.

Our Reach: We are required to be flexible in regards to client needs, and have the influence and resources to conduct our searches on a global scale. We currently serve clients across the world within the life sciences sector.

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Our Life Sciences team works in conjunction with our functional practices, providing clients with access to the globe’s finest Life Sciences talent.