get link inclair Fox is one of the first search firms globally to launch a specialist Blockchain practice. Blockchain technology has already made huge waves in Banking and Fintech and has huge potential to be the next big thing for major global industries such as Energy & Utilities, Food & Agriculture, Automotive and Real Estate that suffer from ineffective data quality and mistrust.


Blockchain in its simplest form is a public database that records transactions. It is the technology that sits behind Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency introduced back in 2008. What is unique about the technology is that the database – or digital ledger – is completely decentralized, where every transaction is recorded on the network in a virtual block with a unique time stamp, verified across a network of peers. As all blocks are connected, it creates a complete transactional history that has occurred in a particular network. Unlike a conventional database, which is held on a central server, the network is visible to all participants and is tamper-proof – making the network very secure, completely transparent and permanent.

These features have not gone unnoticed by the increasing number of people who are looking for new technologies that affect social change by returning control to individuals and communities. These attributes are making a number of industries sit up and take notice as both disruption and possibility as feasible options. The financial sector is leading the way, attracted by the revolutionary way information is stored and transactions occur. Speed of execution, lower costs, improved security, fewer clerical errors and removal of a single source of failure is an attractive proposition. Blockchain experts are now starting to explore where and how the technology can be applied in other sectors.


This is where Sinclair Fox comes in – our Blockchain practice works in tandem with our established industry practices to provide our clients access to the best talent and services to enable them to be at the forefront of this technological revolution as it grows within their respective sectors.

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Technological revolution

The adoption of specific Blockchain technology in industries is still in conceptual development, however it is essential that the world’s leading organisations stay ahead of the curve and build internal capabilities and technical expertise to ensure they are at the forefront of this revolutionary change in the way industries manage and take more direct control over their data and transactions. Those that wait too long and do not build their own company’s internal capability to influence the discussion about how the technology is developed, standardised and regulated in their sectors are at risk of being left behind.

Our Practice works across all vertical disciplines and our Industry Specialisms are as follows:

  • Banking
  • Agriculture
  • Food production
  • Cyber Security
  • Utilities
  • Energy
  • Voting
  • Networking & IoT
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • Government

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Our Blockchain team works in conjunction with our industry practices, providing clients with access to the globe’s finest Blockchain talent who can influence the debate and lead strategic development and implementation of this innovative technology within their sectors and businesses.