http://inter-actions.fr/bilobrusuy/648 hange and innovation are constant in the aviation, aerospace and defence markets. Stakeholders are increasing their demands for more efficient and effective aircrafts. Companies are also constantly altering and improving business models to find the most cost-effective ways of transporting people and goods.

source There is also growth in new areas of technology, as governments and institutions react to asymmetrical threats to national security. This is driven by strategic geographic changes in faster growing regions such as Asia and the Middle East.

site rencontre jw In response to this high level of growth and instability within the sector, businesses are prioritizing leaders who primarily have strong international experience. Talented individuals who can innovate, collaborate, and develop novel products and services.

In line with this, the industry is increasingly developing internal successors to fill pivotal, mission-critical roles, whilst also identifying and investing in the next generation of leaders.


Our Focus

At Sinclair Fox, we are strategically positioned to meet the talent needs of the aviation, aerospace, and defence sectors. Our practice team has vast experience in leadership within companies of all sizes in this sector, having previously provided executive searches for:

  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • Vice Presidents
  • Operating Units
  • Field Organisation Leaders
  • Varied Senior Executives
  • Non-executive Board Directors


Our consultants work with the world’s leading commercial and defence organizations to help them identify their potential leaders, drive development and energize transitions. Our clients include industry leading prime contractors, who provide military and commercial aerospace products at both the system and sub-system level. In addition to industry specialised organisations, we have also successfully completed searches for leading IT consulting, hardware and services companies who operate within the market-place.


In the worldwide airline and air transport markets, we have developed a very broad client base.

We have previously worked with:

  • Regional and New Market Entry Carriers
  • Major US-based Carriers
  • Key International Carriers in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

As per our work within the defence market, we also partner with the world’s leading electronics, structures and specialized components organisations within the sector.

We have also served a variety of government agencies, research & development corporations, trade associations and general offices working within the market-sector. Our consultants therefore have experience of providing direct assistance in staffing key leadership positions, and in the selection of candidates, for top-level industry appointments.

As outlined above, we know the aviation, aerospace and defence industries. Our consultants provide a deep and unique perspective on how to leverage talent in a fast-changing sector. We are the only executive search firm that can help you identify internal and external talent, whilst simultaneously developing these leaders through our proven and industry leading solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Our Aerospace team works in conjunction with our functional practices, providing clients with access to the globe’s finest Aerospace talent.


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