Our Strategy

Sinclair Fox assists the board of directors by evolving new insights, learning and developing, and counseling. We understand companies and recognise where value is created, along with potential risks and future strategy. Trends will be assessed and the creation of value will be discussed. Sinclair Fox will create a pathway for strategic discussions and assist towards building a Network of Leaders.




Chris Burns

Date: 28-12-2016
Office: London

Our Service

Sinclair Fox believes that a truly effective board is comprised of a balance of correct strategic direction and effective compliance. We support the board and chairpersons through multiple consultations and one-on-one discussions. We will service towards generating of a Network of Leaders to further improve value and efficiency in the workplace.


Analysing Performance

Board discussions should be concise and focused on the creation of value. Communication is vital to create an efficient environment, including regular feedback and one-on-one discussions to improve individual performance. Board discussions will be analysed by monitoring how time is spent, how people work together and overall performance.

Australia’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports are expected to reach almost 60 million tonnes in 2017, up by 63% year-on-year, […]