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How Agpulse Organics Is Using Herbal Agricultural Recipes To Protect Farm Biodiversity

rencontres toulouse cinema Offering a range of organic products for crop protection and animal husbandry, the Delhi-based agri startup aims to replace synthetic products for crop protection, helping reduce toxic residue in food crops and improve socioeconomic conditions of farmers.

site de rencontre homme plus de 50 ans With rapid urbanisation, people in metro cities are becoming increasingly health conscious. According to India fitQ 2016, a report by health and lifestyle company GOQii, which surveyed over 50,000 respondents, Mumbai was found to be the most health-conscious metro in the country, beating Bengaluru, Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. It is widely known that the residual effects of synthetic chemical pesticides are harmful for the human body, and switching to natural inputs is beneficial for soil, plants and human population.

In its bid to contribute towards the green cause, Delhi-based manufacturer, supplier and exporter Agpulse Organics offers a range of herbal insecticides, pesticides, organic fertilisers and animal feed. Using the brand’s cost-effective and quality herbal agricultural products, farmers can bring down their costs and increase crop production. The products are also aimed at controlling pests, improving soil health and creating favourable conditions for healthier plant growth.

Under its agriculture products section, the brand has four product categories – herbal insecticides (Rodhak, Krimidote, Bugdote, Termidote and Agniastra), herbal pesticides (Fungidote and Viridote), organic growth promoter (Vridhak – Herbal, VermiMiracle and Panchagavya) and organic manure (Vermicompost, Organic Compost and City Compost). For animal products, Agpulse Organics offers multi-enzyme-based animal feed (Gavahnika – Lacto+) and herbal animal feed supplement (Gavahnika – Bioksheera).

“We believe that organic is the way forward for the world and it can bring positive change to mankind. Our company, with an aim to rejuvenate Mother Earth with natural products, has redefined crop protection and growth technology by means of Ayurveda,” added Sagarika Gandhi, Co-founder of Agpulse Organics. Agpulse Organics’ USP

As per Indian Council of Food Research report on organic farming, the total organic agricultural land in India was 1.18 million hectares, accounting only 0.7 percent share of the total agricultural land in 2015, depicting large scope for adoption in organic farming in the country.

“There was a gap in the market for genuine organic pest and disease control products. We planned to fill the gap with ancient Ayurveda and Agro-homeopathy, have untapped potential in the Indian market. Also, there is huge demand for organic food (grains, vegetables, pulses, spices) in the market and our products fit completely to grow these commoditie.”

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