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Cutting-Edge Control On Machines For Industry 4.0 Needs

Mitsubishi Electric premiered two of the company’s high-performance wire-cutting machines from the MV-R Connect series, MV1200R and MV2400R with a new control and simplified operation, at EMO Hanover recently.

According to Mitsubishi Electric, these EDM machines now display the output of numeric values as easy-to-read graphics. The new manual control box features a bright, user-configurable display and has a freely rotating and pivoting 48cm-multitouch display for the operator’s ease of use.

The built-in cost and performance monitor enables the user to analyse machine profitability and see reserves to optimise processes and boost efficiency. Diagrams are available, which depict operating costs and output. All operating material statuses and maintenance cycles can be called up at a touch, and can even be read out. The machine comes with a network connection; USB, FTP, DNC and open data interfaces, and can be linked up to existing production planning and analysis systems, the company explained.


”In line with Industry 4.0 requirements, the processable data available with these machines ensures transparency in all production stages. Intel Security is also pre-integrated to provide security.”

The MV1200R Connect and MV2400R Connect are expected to be available from November 2017.

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