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Securing the ‘internet of things’

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go to site  – Peter Shankman has a relationship with technology many of us can understand. His home is considered a “smart home” — most everything is controlled with smart devices. And he, like many of us, has a life connected to the so-called internet of things.

go site The tech futurist said almost everything is or can be a part of the internet of things: your phone, your car, your lighting.

source url And using these devices has a risk. They’re all connected to the internet, so if you’re not careful your cyber security could be at risk. That is why two U.S. senators have proposed a bill to improve cyber security for the internet of things.

Security Scorecard founder and CEO Alexander Yampolskiy said that is a smart move. He said if you have a baby monitor and don’t change the password from the default, someone could take over the monitor.

The Senate bill would require the manufacturers of devices to make sure passwords are secure and automatically update devices.

”Almost everything is or can be a part of the internet of things: your phone, your car, your lighting.”

But Shankman, whose life is connected to the internet, said the internet of things needs security but more importantly consumers need to know what they are doing.

Regardless of whether or not the Senate bill passes, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. When you create a password, make it creative. Make sure your privacy settings are to your liking. And thoroughly read the manual — every single detail.

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