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‘Internet of things’ set to take off in Botswana

follow link Local businesses are expected to embrace the “internet of things” in the coming years as machine-to-machine technology ramps up, technology experts believe.

click The internet of things (IoT) is described as the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles, buildings, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Botswana is still at its infancy when it comes to devices that can communicate with each other and connect to the web. According to a South African renowned technology journalist, Aki Anastasiou, there is going to be more changes in the business environment in the next decade due to the IoT.

rencontre knutange “Businesses that want to survive need to adapt to these changes so that they won’t be left behind,” he said.

site de rencontre gratuit pour personnes de plus de 50 ans Anastasiou, who is co-host of Tech Busters, a technology show on CNBCA Africa, was speaking last week in Gaborone during the rebranding of Abari Communications to become Abaricom. He cited Kodak, BlackBerry and Nokia as examples of companies that failed to see the change that was coming. He, however, stated that connectivity in Africa is growing.

It has changed perceptions and our way of life for the better

Abaricom managing director, Neo Nwako said Abaricom would make strides to create an enabling environment for the adaptation of the IoT.He also stated that it was crucial for his business to address the ever-growing demand for reliable business connectivity. “We can proudly say we have been able to support this crucial sector in Botswana,” he said. Abaricom is a citizen-owned ICT services provider, offering services that include, data, connectivity, network integration, data centre and managed services, IP voice, cloud services, and digital media. Its customer base includes all small to medium-sized businesses, parastatals and large corporates.

Nwako said Abaricom has built a countrywide network with 45 points of presence all over Botswana. “We currently have about 500 connections which are all for the business and corporate customers,” he said. He said the new Abari brand is a modernised icon.

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